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There have been tons of ridiculous mascot moments in sports history. Whether it’s Tommy Lasorda taking on the Phillie Phanatic, Benny the Bull rescuing a woman from her loveless relationship on the Kiss Cam or the Toronto Raptor unsuccessfully rollerblading down the stairs, these are some of the funniest sports mascot bloopers. WatchMojo counts down ten funny moments in sports mascot failure.

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00:32 #10: Benny the Bull Proves Chivalry’s Not Dead
01:04 #9: Mackerel Jordan Eats It!
01:42 #8: Crunch the Timberwolf
02:25 #7: Rollerblading Raptor Takes a Tumble… Twice
03:08 #6: Melaine Walker’s Mascot Blunder
03:51 #5: Stuck Sharkie
04:33 #4: Tommy Lasorda Confronts the Phillie Phanatic
05:23 #3, #2 & #1 ???

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  1. Omg what is going on?! Why are people in giant costumes playing sports with children??

    Seriously I feel like I’ve stumbled upon a Japanese game show or something.

  2. based on the video title, i was expecting kumamon to make into the list.
    turned out to be sports event only. what a misleading title.

  3. A few years ago the Norfolk Tides’ mascot, Riptide was riding his atv around the warning track. He tried to power slide towards home and ate it in the turn. The ATV flipped on its side and Riptide went flying through the gravel along the 1st baseline. If you search “Riptide Crash” you can watch it.

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