Top 10 Releases Coming to/Leaving Netflix in August 2018
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What’s coming to Netflix in August 2018? What TV shows and movies are leaving? Find out right here! Be sure to check out The Good Place season 2, Ozark season 2, The 100 season 5, Batman Begins, and Disenchantment. Watch movies like Sausage Party, The Road, and TV shows like The Killing and Transformers: Prime before they leave Netflix. WatchMojo as we count down our picks for Top 10 Releases Coming to/Leaving Netflix in August 2018.

#5: Leaving: “Sausage Party” (2016)
#5: Coming: “Batman Begins” (2005)
#4: Leaving: “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” (2005)
#4: Coming: “The Good Place” (2016)- Season 2
#3: Leaving: “Transformers: Prime” (2010-13) Seasons 2-3
#3: Coming: “The 100” Season 5 (2014-)
#2: Leaving: “The Road” (2009)
#2: Coming: “Ozark” Season 2 (2017-)
#1: Leaving: The Killing” (2011-14) Seasons 1-3
#1: Coming: “Disenchantment” (2018-)

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  1. So what about The Flinstones, Jurassic Park 1-3 and Van Helsing????? Please tell me at least one of them is staying???

  2. I was only watching this to see if criminal minds season 13 would be on here and marvel movies & old horror movies yeah I guess not..

  3. I got so mad because I fast forward it and I thought it was the Simpsons for number 1 😭😭

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