The Boys are here and they’re ready to fight! Today we’re counting the reasons you need to binge this new superhero comedy show. Who cares about Avengers: Endgame anymore right? Right??? The Boys is the most recent superhero show from Amazon Prime and its turning heads all across the globe!

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  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Homelander is Major Glory (Dexter’s Laboratory), but darker.

  2. I love how it stays true to the source material, and it keeps the actions and scenes we want to see in live action, even if they are graphic and hard too see, homelander is your definition of a duchebag superman

  3. i would.. but I’m not paying for another streaming service. i have netflix and hulu and that’s enough. i didnt get rid of cable to pay cable prices for the same bullshit.

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