We’ve heard of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” but this film is a midsummer nightmare! Director Ari Aster had us sleeping with the lights on after “Hereditary”, and his follow-up, folk horror flick “Midsommar”, may mean we never sleep again. Join us as we look at what critics and audiences are saying about folk horror flick “Midsommar”. Are YOU excited for “Midsommar”? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Is there anyone else here who didn’t think that “Hereditary” was all that great? It has its moments, well shot and well acted but were you actually “scared”? I wasn’t but I’ll give “Midsommar” a shot.

  2. good to know that trisha paytas can actually act. didn’t even know that she was gonna be in this!

  3. NO way Im gonna see it, looks disgusting.
    By the way can Watchmojo stops using this pic as thumbnail?

  4. Horror movies quit being scary to me after I grew up. Am I the only one this way? It’s my favorite genre but I can’t enjoy it fully.. it sucks.

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