Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10 Archive! If you haven’t heard of cochlear implants or EnChroma glasses, then boy are you in for a treat today. Cochlear implants are hearing devices which help deaf people to hear sound clearly, and EnChroma glasses allow colorblind people to see vibrant colors for the very first time. The moment that people hear or see color for the first time is always emotional, but some of the clips online are guaranteed to bring a tear to your eye. That’s why today, we’ve pulled together a list of our top ten best reactions to cochlear implants and EnChroma glasses.

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  1. I know a young man that lives in Australia that was deemed deaf since a child. He works hard as a programmer yet has never heard his pets greet him nor even able to hear the sounds others take for granted outside the home. He is a very creative author despite having the hurdles of literary trying to write how even the sound of someone’s voice can change the ambiance of a novel setting. I hope one day that he may have the chance to hear the very things he tries to create merely with words and code as things they were meant to be audibly.

  2. I just found that the brothers having to share one pair of enchroma glasses was a bit ridiculous

  3. Color blindness is very rare in women but my sister in law is also color blind, I’ve actually been thinking about getting her some of these glasses!

  4. A gentleman who I’ve known for years was deaf for almost 80 years received a cochlear implant. His son arraigned it so the first thing he heard was his toddler granddaughter say “I love you grandpa “.

  5. Hello 👋 Jim very nice 👍🏻 Stories bro I am ilke your voice today brother 🤗 it was cool 😎 Jim my man 👨

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