Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! It seems like every other week we hear about a publicity campaign gone wrong. Let’s face it, when campaigns are successful, they can boost sales and leave people with a feel-good “you got me” feeling. Though, soon your clients are looking at their newsfeed waiting for the next big thing. They got a laugh, you got some extra exposure, everyone walks away happy. When they go wrong, on the other hand, a company’s worst moments aren’t as soon forgotten.

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  1. “Hey Mom! Will you pick me up a six-pack of Hitler Did Nothing Wrong Dew while you’re out?” – reminds me of the Boaty McBoatface story.

  2. If you wanna watch an absolutely excellent and hilarious video about 4chans Tom foolery you should check out the internet historian. Such a gem of a channel

  3. I kinda remember hearing about Pepsi Harrier ordeal. The guy was wanting to give rides and everything but in the end he got no jet and Pepsi got a lot of money from all the pepsi bought.

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