Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! We follow mythology from many Western cultures like Greece or Rome, but we don’t often hear about many Chinese gods. New Disney movie idea? You heard it here first! There are actually many Chinese Gods in mythology that are extremely powerful. In Chinese mythology, there are separate gods for the creation of humanity, the oceans, love, even money! What’s more powerful than money these days? Join us to hear about the 10 Most Powerful Chinese Gods of Mythology.

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  1. Guan Yin aka Avalokitesvara (name in sanskrit) is actually the most powerful as She is a Bodhisattva and not a goddess. Bodhisattvas and Buddhas are way above these deities. As deities still have defilements while Buddhas and Bodhisattvas doesn’t get chained by mental defilements anymore, hence already reached enlightenment, the highest of all. Even the jade emperor is below Guan Yin. And a suggestion……please research on how to pronounce those names……

  2. Hello 👋 Jim 😊 very nice 👍 voice today my buddy 😃 I saw Chinese Japanese Story I No I saw that before my friend I see all the Time in Chinese restaurant food 🥘

  3. I see you sold out to the fucking Chinese to bad that is really sad. You did have a decent channel but I won’t stay subscribed to a communist.

    • They are communist and “sold out to the Chinese” because they made a video about Chinese Mythology? Man, you are a special kind of tin-foil hat wearing retard.

  4. If you would be so kind as to do a video of the gods and goddess of my home state of Hawaii it would please me to no end as very few channels have bothered to mention them. Thank you.

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