Don’t Pokemon Sleep on these battles! Join Ashley as he recounts some of the best pokemon battles to take place in this iconic anime series. You’ll see epic fights including Including the battles of Ash vs. Lt. Surge, Norman, Bugsy, Maylene, Olympia, Volkner, Clemont, Blaine, Korrina, and more! So you can see legendary tussles like Charizard vs Magmar, Pikachu vs Lucario, and many other gym badge battles!

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  1. Ash vs that guy who used Avalugg in the gym battle in kalos is one of my all time favorites. The fact that it’s what caused Ash’s bond with Greninja to break and for the first time actually make Ash feel like giviing up was such a huge hard hitting moment. Loved how it was executed.

  2. If Blaine isn’t number 1 I’m boycotting this shit!

    Edit: #2………I guess that will do

  3. Really? No Roxie? The battle during a rock concert, with her superspeedy Koffing, and she was so strong that she lets trainers battle 6 v 3 against her just to give them a chance? She’s basically the only Gym Leader in the entire anime to play by the actual in-game rules, surely that was noteworthy enough to make it onto the list!

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