Top 10 Places Scarier Than Area 51 – Part 4
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Are we just two weeks away from seeing them aliens? ! Are we really still talking about this? No, we aren’t because actually we are talking the top 10 places scarier than Area 51 part 4! Blimey! I am your host Rebecca Felgate and I think the world is both a beautidul and a terrifying place and you’re about to find out why. Before we get into this video though… why don’t you let me know the scariest place you have ever been….. I am going to go with The Tower of London orrrrr the tunnels under freemantle prison!

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  1. Rebecca asking what is scariest place you have ever been to, and my mind just going, I make it a point to never visit a place if there is anything remotely scary associated with it, no thank you. I am more of a watch Most Amazing Top Ten videos and scare myself vicariously kinda girl. Also, kudos to the channel for including sources!

  2. Not that you seem like you care but F that guy. Everyone knows you’re the most amazing host on the internet.

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