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Top 10 Phobias Hardest to Avoid
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Some fears you just can’t run from. From Object Placement, to Sounds, and Walking / Standing, you might be out of luck if you’re afraid of any of these. WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Phobias Hardest to Avoid.

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#10. Object Placement
#9. Sounds
#8. Walking / Standing
#7. Defecation
#6. Light
#5. Sleep
#4. Food
#3, #2 & #1???

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  2. Your #1 entry makes sense, but really #1 should be fear of God. We all fear what we don’t understand, and He’s the one thing man doesn’t fully seem to understand,…..even the holiest of the saints will acknowledge this.

  3. I have a phobia of down escalators; but considering what caused it, I consider it a rational phobia, Lol. I have a huge problem of vertigo on down escalators, though it’s not as bad going up. When I step onto a down escalator the vertigo attack is sometimes so bad that my vision blacks out for a few seconds, I loose my grip on the handrail, and I loose all balance, unable to tell what’s up, down, left or right. This also means, unfortunately, that I tip over in any direction. This has caused me to nearly plunge headfirst down a down escalator three times, the last time ending with me catching the handrail just in time with both hands, and when my sight and balance returned the top half of my body was angled downwards at a fairly nasty angle. The woman behind me looked like she’d seen a ghost, and she told me she thought I was going to fall. I have avoided down escalators since, and I really have no desire to risk plunging headfirst down a flight of metal corrugated stairs. Or at least, not until I’ve found a solution for the vertigo attacks.

  4. Stupid fucking video that doesn’t take phobias seriously. This sounds like it was written by someone who has no concept of even having a phobia and just wants to make fun of them for a laugh.

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