Welcome to Top10Archive! Life is precious and can be taken from us without warning. While many people will meet an inevitable and unfortunate end, others find it in themselves to stare death in the face and emerge on the other side, scathed but alive. These ten incredible tales serve as a follow-up to the top 10 people who survived the impossible.

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10. Jose Salvador Alvarenga
9. Michael Benson
8. Beck Weathers
7. Tsutomu Yamaguchi
6. Lincoln Hall
5. Reshma Begum
4. Zoleykhah Kadkhoda
3. Wenseslao Moguel
2. Vesna Vulovic
1. Frane Selak

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  1. My Great Grandfather had some of that heavenly luck. First time he fell into a vat of boiling water at a paper mill, second his car got stuck on a railroad and he was hit, third he was struck by lightning in the chest. He finally died of cancer the year 2002. Meanwhile his wife survived cancer for 6 years, their daughter nearly died giving birth to my mom, and my Grandfather (who is still alive today) survived 3 different cancers. Luck just runs in the family I suppose. I wonder what way it’ll come with me.

    • Wow.. good luck and bad luck at the same time! Kind of makes you wonder if “luck” is pure coincidence or not..

  2. a bit disrespectful (and click baity) that the thumbnail features a plane crash that nobody survived.

  3. why these morons keep climbing these mountains knowing they can lose limbs and fingers and possibly die smh

    • It’s currently on Mark’s desk and being written, so a little bit yet – but it is coming! 🙂

    • Top10Archive i was living in russia for 33 years. If you are anywhere near a road in russia you are in a mortal danger. So that’s probably what, on daily basis? I know it’s sounds silly but google how many people die in russia just because of being in or near a car accident. Seen that recent CCTV video of a russian guy walking down the street, being hit by a car from behind to death? And due to insane levels of corruption you won’t even prove anything, even with video proofs and such.
      I actually experienced two car crashes and I don’t even drive (due to obvious reasons). Those two weren’t big of a deal, but they were enough for me. There’s even a famous saying in russia, “if you don’t crash into someone, someone else will crash into you”.
      Thanks to my sold videogame collection I’m now in japan, phew.. (now that I’m out, you may proceed to nuke russia, hehe).

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