Top 10 People Who Confessed To A Crime They Didn’t Commit
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Top 10 Convicts Who Freaked Out After Given A Life Sentence-

Well that is a lot of pressure. It must be so intimidating to be questioned for hours by police officers about a horrific crime. Affording to a study through the innocence project it is estimated that there are about 30 percent of people who give a false confession due to many different contributing factors. Either the person doesn’t really understand what is going on, sometimes the person just gives up and can’t take it anymore so they just tell the officer or investigator what they want to hear so its over, or just straight up intimidation.

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    • I know this has nothing to do with that subject in this video but you guys should do a top ten about people who have been banned from Disneyland or other places

    • They are like a dog with a bone as well. Even proven wrong they just don’t want to let it go and admit it. And the person who really did it is out there….to do it again.?? Ahh! Like you just said. Sorry. Their restitution settlements are fucked up too. Some people get basically nothing. And they try to avoid using DNA. Ugh! #part 2 please. Thank you!

  1. After looking it up it is not illegal for officers to interrogate or question a minor without a parent however if the parent is present they can refuse to allow the child to be questioned or a minor can refuse questioning unless there parent or lawyer is with them although I do agree with Landon and I feel that in order to question any minor there should be a law that states a parent or attorney has to be present

  2. The black t-shirt peeking through on left hand side arm is annoying me cos it’s not the same as the other side! I need it to be even!! ?

  3. This is why there are still so many innocent people locked up. There are many more cases that need to be re examined.

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