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It takes a lot to be banned from Saturday Night Live… yet somehow, these celebrities managed to! We’ll be looking at Rage Against the Machine, Martin Lawrence, Elvis Costello, Sinéad O’Connor, Frank Zappa, Adrien Brody, and more. Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the top 10 people banned from Saturday Night Live.

#10. Rage Against the Machine
#9. Charles Grodin
#8. Fear
#7. Elvis Costello
#6. Adrien Brody
#5. Frank Zappa
#4. Martin Lawrence
#3, #2, #1: ???

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  1. Like others have said SNL is shit now. Also love RAtM! Don’t see how ripping a picture of the pope was a big deal. People are sensitive.

  2. Why on Earth would you show a Merv Griffin clip with Robert Blake’s name. Get your shit together Mojo.

  3. Now Sinead is nowhere to be found and is irrelevant and most likely suicidal. There’s a proper time and place for your political or religious views. Also, if you’re a celebrity it is much better to stay away from politics and controversy because it will ruin you.

  4. watchmojo alwaayys reference to 80 70s movie i mean come dude who want to watch that shit, or some mainstream movie that we already know

  5. Wow, SNL considers going of script an unforgivable crime, yet saying “nigga” on air (Michael Che) has no impact on getting renewed for another season!

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