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Stars, they’re just like us. From Justin Bieber puking on stage to Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl nip slip and Ashlee Simpson being caught lipsyncing, celebrities mess up on stage in embarassing and often hilarious ways. WatchMojo is counting down the worst of celebrities failing on camera.

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#10: Justin Bieber Pukes
#9: Iggy Azalea Has Earpiece Problems
#8: Janet Jackson & Justin Timberlake at the Super Bowl
#7: Billie Joe Armstrong Goes on a Rant
#6: Ashlee Simpson’s Infamous SNL “Performance”
#5: Steve Harvey Announces the Wrong Miss Universe Winner
#4: Elizabeth Taylor Drunk at the Golden Globes
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. Iggy Azela may be a terrible rapper, but I really do admire how she stayed strong during that performance. I would’ve been like “I can’t here anything in my earpiece.” And then rushed off stage like the flash.

  2. When will people finally get that Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson did a scripted thing that didn’t turn out as they had expected.

    • Rick de Vroede exactly! Plus I’ve seen performances where people have done that on purpose. What they did was an accident and yet it’s called the worst thing ever. It was a mistake lol.

  3. I would have added Billy Joel making fun of “We didn’t start the fire” which was hysterical. “One of the worst songs I ever wrote!”

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