Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10 Archive! The Earth’s oceans are vast and mysterious, and even top scientists still can’t be certain exactly what’s hidden down there. Thankfully, curious researchers are diving deep below the surface of the earth to see what they can find. And every now and again they find things so baffling and incredible that no explanation can be found. Here’s our list of the top ten mysterious things found underwater.

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  1. During the black sea smokers part, I could have bet my life that you were about to say something like…

    “The last thing you’d expect to see in the artic, would be black people” ???

    I was thinking to myself…

    “True true”

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  3. Hello Jim, my real name is Triumph, not just on here lol, I love your videos and your voice, thank you for all you do!!!!

    • PAKTRA PRODUCTIONS why do you think people care for that? What you talking about?? Think you’re the pervert with the dirty mind…..

  4. There’s so much the ocean to discover yet we only were able to discover a little bit of it

  5. #Top10Archive thank you love the ocean 🙂 would love to discover hidden underwater things.

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