Top 10 Mysterious People In History – Part 2
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There are many mysterious things found all over the world. Even the people on this list are to figure oout who they are what what has become of them. Enjoy as we give you the Top 10 Mysterious People In History – Part 2.
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  1. Amelia Earhart was abducted by space aliens and is in a hibernation tube 75,000 Light years away.. Don’t worry, she will be discovered by Humans in the 24th century.. Well, That’s what happened in Star Trek Voyager..

  2. The Man in the Mask was of royal blood. When you consider all the precautions taken with him(having a cell with 4 doors that opened in a way that no one could hear any conversation that took place between the prisoner and his jailers or that he was made to become a servant to some of the other high rank prisoners)and all the political intrigue that went on centering around him, the theory that he was Louis’ twin brother(and the rightful king!)doesn’t sound too far off point.

  3. I have my own theory about Amelia Earhart. She found Azkaban. Here me out. Azkaban prison is a triangle-shaped building in the middle of an ocean surrounded by Dementors- creatures said to be invisible to non-magic folk who do not discriminate between their intended targets and a random passersby. Could it be that she discovered Azkaban Prison in the area we Muggles call the “Bermuda Triangle”?

  4. Funny thing about those bones re: Amelia Earhart. They were found decades ago. A guy examined them and came to the conclusion that they were from a man who was the wrong height/weight for both Amelia and her companion. So…he…THREW THEM AWAY. That’s right, took the bone of an unknown person and just…tossed them. More recently, the bone’s measurements were reevaluated and found that they were more likely to be female. Unfortunately, no DNA testing will be possible because the idiot threw them away.

  5. My guess is that she was either captured by Japanese soldiers, or she crashed on an island, and died as a castaway.

  6. She flew over the brumuta ? and her magnetic compus stoped working and she started going in circles tjen she ran out of gas

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