Top 10 Mysterious Hidden Tapes That Were Found – Part 2
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so it seems you guys really like weird tapes that were abandoned by people and then found and then put on the internet. Yeah you guys really like old weird VHS tapes with footage people doing gross things on them, you’re all a bunch of perverts. Well good new for you guys is here at most amazing top 10 we encourage pervert behavior! That’s why we’ve made we made today’s list of Top 10 mysterious hidden tapes that were found part 2.

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  1. A video about videos without showing videos. As usual, Che Durena proves his skill as a host on an otherwise great channel.

  2. What’s good brobro. I like your hostings more than Brandon’s but Danny’s are Danny’s ! I ??

  3. Did this dude really just make this video n not show the actual clips if the lost games being mentioned n that ppl actually came to see n hear???? WOW SMH such a FAIL

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