Top 10 Mysterious Glitches In The Matrix
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What’s up top 10 fam hope you’re having an awesome day, Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video. So i think whether we’re aware of it or we’ve all experienced our own glitch in the matrix at some point in our lives and will probably experience many more before we die. And i know we’ve done 3 glitches in the matrix type videos in the past so dont worry i went through every single one, made sure I had no repeat stories. So lets get into this fresh top 10 list. These are the Top 10 Mysterious Glitches In The Matrix.

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  1. Man this “Top 10 Channel” I don’t regret this subscription at all! I don’t know if it’s the content or the host Ayman but I love it! I know it’s a whole lot of both 🙌. But mostly Ayman! LOL keep up the good work guy’s.

  2. I have a glitch in the matrix story that just happened to me – and I have a witness for once! Its small but about 10 days ago we were arriving home from my daughters dance class. As we wandered in my driveway we checked the mail, I received a parcel I’d ordered online in the mail, nothing exciting, just an eyebrow trimmer. My 5 year old grabbed it out, gave it to me and I took it inside but tossed it on the table unopened as we were heading out again to visit a friend right away, just stopped in to change out of dance wear. I don’t think of the parcel again until I’m headed to bed that night, at which point I glance at the table and don’t see the parcel. I assume I’ve just popped it in my basket of mail and crap on the nearby bench at some point without thinking and go to bed. Only the next morning I can’t find it anywhere. I ask my daughter, she’s not touched it. The 2 of us search but can’t find it, eventually we give up and assume its buried somewhere in household crap and will show up at some stage. Which it kinda did….. 3 days later, when it ARRIVED IN THE POST AGAIN! Both of us are utterly dumbfounded, I have nothing else on order to arrive by mail AT ALL and when carrying it down the driveway I checked the label and kinda manhandled the package some to feel the item inside, so I know it was the eyebrow trimmer. Not a biggie but definitely a boggler, and recent enough that its still driving me a little nuts!!


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