December 5th, 1945, Flight 19, 14 lost. Ah, same day, another 13 on a PBM Mariner. Two years later, a B-29 Superfortress, vanishes entirely… Oh, hey YouTube, Jim here. Welcome back to Top10Archive! I was just going over some of these cases, entire aircraft and ships that just vanished around 25° N 75 W°, or as you may know it, the Bermuda Triangle. This mysterious slice of the North Atlantic has been a topic of conversation for years, and we’re hoping to join in on the oddities and unusualness that surrounded the Bermuda Triangle with these ten mysterious facts.

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10. A Matter of Size
9. Compass Variation
8. Bruce Gernon and the Electronic Fog
7. The Underwater Area 51
6. Not the Most Dangerous Waters
5. Christopher Columbus and the Triangle
4. The Disappearances that Never Were
3. UFOs and the USS John F. Kennedy
2. The USS Cyclops and Flight 19
1. It’s Been Solved?


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  1. But what if there is more uncovered secrets to the triangle… like something that can explain almost every thing people been questioning over the years I.e lost city of Atlantis, where do these urban stories come from and how do we know if aliens do exist or not. At one point there was even a pirate that left behind a treasure that people been searching for decades…. and there was something written in a language no one has seen… what if the answer is There!?

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