Top 10 Mukbang ASMR Videos
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Who knew you could get tingles from chewing? From GypSea ASMR, to SSSniperwolf and Crunchy ASMR, these YouTubers have created some of the most sensational ASMR/Mukbang content on the internet. WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Mukbang ASMR Videos.

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10) Pizza Cone
9) Chewy Juicy Cubes
8) McDonald’s McValue Box
7) Giant Lobster Claw
6) Sushi
5) Instant Ramen
4) Pickles
3), 2) & 1)???

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  1. Yeah we aren’t at just the bottom of the barrel of ideas anymore… We’ve torn through the bottom and are going underground…

    • Like who thinks “Mmmmm yeah chew with your mouth open fuck yeah let me hear those disgusting chewing noises”?

      And now there’s a fucking kid in it????????? Is life worth living anymore?

  2. I’m kinda gluttonous, but even these mukbang clips makes my gorge rise, so forget about a whole vid. Went for three, tossed away the idea of watching more, and never looked back.

    Maybe because I’d rather not hear someone chewing.

    Reminds me of a cow and its cud.

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