Top 10 Movie Scenes Where the Hero Spares the Villain
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A true hero saves everyone, even their greatest enemies. From Spider-man to Batman, and Bilbo to Luke Skywalker, these heroes couldn’t bring themselves to kill their nemeses. WatchMojo counts down the top movie scenes where the hero spares the villain.

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#10. SpiderMan Saves Vulture
#9. Wick and Cassian
#8. Indy Tries to Save Elsa
#7. Woody and Buzz save Lotso
#6. Harry Potter Stops Sirius from Killing Peter Pettigrew
#5. Bilbo and Gollum
#4. Utah and Bodhi
#3, #2, #1???

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  1. The original.Point Break is awesome movie .I hmm glad the reboot. Point Beak is not in this ,But the thing between Utah and Bodhi is cool ,It not a regular hero & villain. thing .like the rest of movies on this list ,I mean that why in the end it is different what people.are thinking before the buildup. to the end ,Which an not giving away. at all .And remake did not do it justice at all .

  2. Cassian was less a villain than an adversary. Their conflict was pretty understandable and one not of either of the characters making.

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