From phasers to the Tesseract, these are the TV and movie replicas real fans should own. We’re looking at replicas of objects and costumes that are used in live-action television and films. Got any spare cash lying around? WatchMojo ranks the TV and movie replicas real fans should own. Which replica do you want for your collection? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. The hardest and most expensive I’ve come across is the blaster from BladeRunner. Manufactured only in Japan and usually near $1000. For a brief moment there was a water pistol that was a damn near perfect replica. Super easy to paint it to near perfection. Even that thing is near $200 these days.

  2. The Tesseract and Sonic Screwdriver, this list is speaking my language!!! Also I have all the Doctor’s Sonics.

  3. The two replicas I’d want to own is the moonlight great sword from blood borne and the Burlington blade

  4. I still have an orginal Gizmo stuffed doll from Gremlins. He squeaks like a dog toy when u squeeze him. 😅

  5. I ate some ham with wheat bread and I feel yucky. I think the ham is a little old, but I ate it anyway. Now I need something else to eat to get this taste out of my mouth.

  6. Mjolnir should have made the list. It’s the 3rd most coolest collectible after the lightsaber and the wand.

  7. My father sent me the Force FX Luke Skywalker lightsaber for a Christmas gift one year, which is still in a place of honor on my shelf.

    Also, as far as lightsabers go, if you’re close to Disney, you can head one of the many toy shops and make one for about $30 with your choice of style, crystal, blade color, etc. Also, the whole Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge stores have one as well…but be prepared to pay for the quality (and numerous pieces!) you can customize your saber with. 🙂

  8. Its one thing it buy a finished replica, its much more fun to build a kit or get a 3d printed one and paint it yourself. That or actually go buy other props from the films you love.
    Original props aren’t always expensive but you need to make sure your props come with some evidence of authenticity, certificates or proof of provenance though if you intend to have them as an investment or sell them on later.

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