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By luck, chance and lying, these famous movie characters managed to score jobs that they were completely unqualified to do. WatchMojo presents the top 10 movie characters who have jobs that they definitely shouldn’t have. But who is the most unqualified on the list? Jack Black’s Dewey Finn from School of Rock, Frank Abagnale, Jr. from Catch Me If You Can, or Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck’s drilling team from Armageddon? Watch to find out!

00:48 #10. William Miller from “Almost Famous” (2000)
01:57 #9. Winston Zeddemore from “Ghostbusters” (1984)
03:08 #8. Alfredo Linguini from “Ratatouille” (2007)
04:05 #7. Stanley Goodspeed from “The Rock” (1996)
04:55 #6. Billy Ray Valentine from “Trading Places” (1983)
06:04 #5. Jake Sully from “Avatar” (2009)
07:05 #4. Erin Brockovich from “Erin Brockovich” (2000)
08:18 #3, #2, #1 ????

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  1. Watch Some of the Movies featured in this video!
    Almost Famous (2000)
    Ratatouille (2007)
    The Rock (1996)

  2. Are you forgetting one of the least prepared people for his work!?
    Haru(the White Ninja) “Beverly Hills Ninja”
    Being a caucasian child washing up on the shores of his Ninja Dojo, the Sensei naturally assumed he was the White Ninja of legend. Sensei raised Haru in the Dojo training him to become a ninja but he ended up being more of a clumsy ninja more than anything else. When Sally Jones comes to ask for help, Haru accepts a task that takes him to Beverly hills. Unexposed to life outside the dojo, Haru is finding himself completely unaware of any social formalities that exist in modern life. He ends up staying at a 5 star hotel deciding to pay for his stay with gold tokens instead of your average dollar and decides to keep taking his shoes off before stepping into his hotel room even though they disappear every night. As Haru attempts to follow through with the task of following Sally Jones’ boyfriend, Haru gets the blame for a couple of crimes due to being on the scene but he manages to succeed mainly due to some dumb luck and his brother assisting him(without Haru noticing) until they end up taking his brother hostage. Finally when Haru sees his brother tied up in a chair he gets very upset and his martial arts skill raises up to unknown levels now as he begins to fight with his heart instead of just his brain. “NO ONE MESSES WITH MY BROTHER!!!!!!”

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