People aren’t about paying for these. For this list, we’ll be ranking some of the most unexpected and/or shocking items that are taken without being purchased from brick and mortar stores. Welcome to WatchMojo and today we’re counting down our picks for the top ten most surprising stolen products.

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10. Pregnancy Tests
9. Deodorant / Body Spray
8. Electric Toothbrushes
7. Laptops
6. Baby Formula
5. Razor Blades
4. Cheese

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  1. Reading glasses. Feminine wash. Just two of the many items locked up at my local Walmart in National City, CA. Oh, also Dickies brand work pants.

  2. I was the grocery store the other day and i opened a jar of peanut butter to make sure the foil cover was on and not tampered with. A woman say me doing this and asked me if i was going to eat that in the store, like yeah i got a spoon in my pocket and i am going to continue shopping while eating the whole jar. She was ridiculous.

  3. Meat as the most surprising thing stolen, really, like no shit sherlock, having worked in retail myself i know this all to well might as well put alcohol on the list too or will that be in a another most surprising stolen products. Yawn.

  4. So… cheese goes along number 1 as the most stolen items and yet you have it at number 4, how come is not on second place?

  5. I am very surprised not to see socks, underwear, air fresheners, beer, and red bull weren’t on the list. I’m a manager at a convenient store and all of that and the ones i listed are often stolen.

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