Top 10 Most Searched Questions On Google
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Dear internet… we need answers. For this list, we’ll be looking at some of the most common queries on Google, based on statistics provided by You’ll be surprised at what comes up the most on this popular search engine. WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Most Searched Questions On Google.
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10) How to Get Pregnant?
9) When Is Mother’s Day?
8) How Many Ounces in a Cup?
7) How to Lose Weight?
6) What Song Is This?
5) Can You Run It?
4) How to Tie a Tie?
3), 2) & 1)???

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  1. you are right, number 6 is the most asked question, because I ask it to, that’s the question I ask when I want a new song to hear

  2. I heard the top question asked was *Is the moon hollow?* I kid you not. Many ask this insane question or *Is the earth flat?* SMH SMH

  3. Granted with Number 2 sometimes google what time it is for certain places( like other countries or when I was planning a trip to Las Vegas and San Francisco) and needed to know the difference in time from where I live(east coast). I went to San Francisco last month for my birthday and for some stupid reason my S8 + didn’t automatically changed when I had a short layover in Utah. Also I find myself searching when Thanksgiving is every years since its always a different date(not day obviously).

  4. All that voter fraud, huh @WatchMojo? Less than a hundred fraudulent in over a billion ballots over the past decade. Get your facts straight.

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