With skills like this who needs weapons? Welcome to WatchMojo.com, and today we’re counting down our top ten most savage “non-lethal” takedowns.

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  1. Pretty much everyone throws non lethality out the window in Injustice lol. Which in my opinion, it’s cool to see green arrow shoot people in the forehead and Batman run people over.

  2. Are we just gonna ignore the fact that Aiden in Watchdogs 1 goes around smacking people in the HEAD with a collapsible baton? Those things are made out of metal and hitting someone in the head definitely would cause some brain damage or death.

  3. Let me tell you now. As long as they are breathing. batman could not give any less of a fuck about their health.

  4. Superman is a bad example that particular superman in injustice is actually lethal…Remember? Killed a kid?

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