After episodes of hatred building up, these satisfying villain deaths on TV fully delivered. We’re looking at the most gratifying villain demises in live-action television history. The way these characters greet death deserves a standing ovation. WatchMojo ranks the most satisfying villain deaths on TV. Which TV villain death satisfied you? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I cannot believe Jerome from Gotham wasn’t on this list. He had the most satisfying death in any show ever.

  2. Omg Spartacus Gets a Honorable Mention i love Spartacus (2010-13) Gaius Claudius Glaber Death Is Very Satisfying

  3. This is hardly “of all time”. This is more like “of modern/within the last 10 years” time

  4. H.R. Officer Simmons from Person of Interest: The man behind the death of one of the main protagonists. A statement for redemption of another protagonist. Simmons is put to death by another of the show’s supporting antagonists, one who has a distinct sense of honor with a badass monologue to boot.

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