These are some of the stupidest conspiracy theories that people actually believe: from the theory that the moon doesn’t exist, to the idea that the Earth is hollow, to the belief that the Beatles never existed, to the view that redheads are descended from aliens, these are some crazy conspiracy theories. WatchMojo counts down ten insane conspiracy theories that will make you question EVERYTHING.

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00:23 #10: Saddam Hussein’s Stargate
01:11 #9: Redheads Are Descended from Aliens
01:56 #8: The Moon Doesn’t Exist
02:41 #7: Space Nazis
03:26 #6: Barack Obama: Antichrist
04:12 #5: The Earth Is Hollow
04:53 #4: The Beatles Never Existed
05:44 #3, #2 & #1 ???

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  1. Don’t know why but every time I watch this channel I always hope it’s the girls she’s so cool

  2. I mean but redheads are evil and yes descended from aliens gingers are all evil and need to be locked up and go away they will take over the world if we don’t band together and besides gingers are assholes and are weak asf. Gingers just need to go away and fuck off everyone hates gingers and they suck cause that’s how they naturally are

  3. To say all creationists believe that humans and dinosaurs coexisted is ridiculous. You don’t know all creationists. Clearly most don’t because that man’s school closed!

  4. I knew 9/11 was an inside job since they didn’t mention it in this video it means it wasn’t a conspiracy it was REAL omg…

  5. I have no problem believing dinosaurs coexisted alongside humans at one point…but I’m more inclined to think they all got wiped out by the Biblical flood.

  6. hey watchmojo I love your videos but the one I’m watching right now about ridiculous conspiracy theories I think all of them are nothing but horse shit of these stupid conspiracy theories…

  7. The WatchMojo conspiracy: There are no humans working at WatchMojo. It’s actually an AI that creates these videos. It was developed in the early 2000’s by a group of government scientist’s who were the all executed by the government. This AI uses an algorithm. This algorithm works by entering a subject and then it scans across years of search history, websites and posts. Then with the rise of YouTube in 2005, Google then discovered this AI. They then bought the AI and algorithm from the government for an undisclosed amount​ of money. They the added a text to speech AI that read the lists and had a stock amount of witty remarks that could be implemented so that it could be the lists could be converted into video and used as a money making machine when partnered with Google’s ads. I think this is the most logical explanation behind the exsitance of Watchmojo. It would also explain why the nairator in this video sounds so cold and lifeless.

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