Top 10 Most Powerful Marvel Women
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If you’re looking for damsels in distress, this ain’t the list. For this list, we’ll be looking at some of the most powerful female characters from the pages of Marvel comics, taking into account physical strength and abilities, as well as influence.

Top 10 Most Violent Super Villains: …

List Entries and Rank:
10: Storm
9: Jean Grey
8: America Chavez
7: Captain Marvel
6: Rogue
5: Hela
4: Thor (Jane Foster)
3, 2 & 1: ???

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  1. Marvel in about 20 years will be all non-sis POC. Then they will be forced to pack up when they realise brown nosing to the virtue signaling idiots doesn’t work.

  2. I would put Hulk’s wife of Sakarr, Cairea. She would be placed somewhere around 5 to 7 for her power against the Hulk and at her what if comic when she took all of Earth after Hulk tide.

  3. So this video basically admits that both Thor (even though it the female version but still same powers) and Scarlet Witch are more powerful than Captain Marvel, yet the MCU is pushing real hard to let everyone know she’s the most powerful Avenger.


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