Top 100 Songs of 2019
Top Best Songs Of 2019. Most Viewed Songs 2019
Top Songs 2019, Best Songs 2019

A collection of the top 100 most popular songs on YouTube. We do our best to make quality videos that are family friendly and can be enjoyed by all family members including kids and younger audience. Hope you enjoy them.


  1. 4 Indian songs
    3 Spanish language songs
    2 English American songs
    1 Turkish song

    YouTube is truly an international phenomenon now. Yay!

  2. For a third year in a row it looks like a spanish song will finish on top once again as the most viewed YouTube video of the year
    2017- Despacito
    2018- X
    2019- Con Calma

    • That one Guy sadly, the current most viewed songs of 2018 is girls like you, 2nd is te bote but yeah latin songs still won in 2018 as the majority of the top 10 are latin ones

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