Welcome to Top10Archive! In the insect kingdom, there are what some people call the “Nopes” and then there are critters that put the “Nopes” to shame. For this creepy crawly Archive, we’re looking at what we’d like to call the “Absolute Nopes,” creatures of the insect kingdom that are known for one thing – having the ten most painful bites or stings.

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10. Common Yellow Jacket
9. Bald-Faced Hornet
8. European Hornet
7. Yak Killer Hornet
6. Red Paper Wasp
5. Velvet Ant
4. Florida Harvester Ant
3. Tarantula Hawk Wasp
2. Bullet Ant
1. Warrior Wasp

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  1. A whole lot of nopes with a side of hell no about the bugs in this video and bugs in general. Well, most of them.

  2. i got stung by half of an ant colony, my legs were covered with puss filled bumps, i still have scars and i still have trouble even trying to exercise, it was only 2 weeks ago

    • Top10Archive i was out in costa rica on an expedition while looking for lizards, i didnt see the clolony because the ground was so full of plants and i stepped over them, and thankyou im making a good recovery 🙂

    • Wow! How did you come across a colony of ants like that? Sounds very painful, we hope you get better soon!

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