Top 10 Most INSANE Prison Cells You Won’t Believe
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Top 10 Convicts Who Freaked Out After Given A Life Sentence-

Prison is supposed to be a place where convicted criminals go to get rehabilitated and punished for their crimes. However, there are some prisons out there that can be compared to the Hilton Hotel. And that’s because the prison has a very different approach to prison reform or the convicts are really resourceful and have bribed their way into comfort.

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  1. Ok I can see prisoners having a plain tv but all the expensive stuff for crimes they did, nah that’s just having them grab ideas to commit worse crimes to go back

  2. In America it’s just part of your criminal career, like how they send new Walmart managers off for a week of training at a hotel. You see all your old friends, learn new skills, and get training in your field.

  3. The dumbest thing to you? xD IMO, that’s psychology there. And not just for the prisoner, but also for their child. They are reforming their prisoners by giving them a chance to be a parent rather than making them miserable. At the same time, the child is technically growing with a father/mother and keeping a possible good relationship with them. IMO, the usual prisons breaks most people rather than reform them. Granted that it’s the consequences of what they’ve done, but lets be honest, some of them deserves a chance and not be broken, heck some of them didn’t even deserve to be there. And those kinds of prisoners are probably the ones who are in those humanely prisons.

    I feel like this because I live beside a prison, and I grew up seeing prisoners who have been forgotten by their families because they have no connection with them and are left to die in our area after finishing their sentence, squatting in our area trying to survive and feed themselves with the little money they earn from working with the residents here. What I’m saying is, by giving them a chance to be with their family or by giving them a some luxury, the chances of them changing and surviving after prison is better.

  4. How are people NOT trying to break the law just to go there? hell i would! What’s the fine for Jwalking?

  5. Unbelievable, can you imagine some of the harshest prisoners living in there Charles Manson, etc. Wow??

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