Top 10 Most Extreme Military Exercises
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If your dream is to join the army, this video might very well change your mind. From drunken training, to rings of fire, to breaking cement blocks, these exercises certainly distinguish the weak from the strong. WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Most Extreme Military Exercises.
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#10. Breaking Cement Blocks
#9. Drunken Training
#8. Ring of Fire
#7. Hell Week
#6. Cobra on the Menu
#5. The Walk of Death
#4. Getting Shot
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. i must say that the deadly hot potato is dumb! and you dont even know the half of the special forces and they´re way of training cause is something that is just to inhuman to practice ! the portuguese comandos have to endure thirst and so many died that is almost countless…

  2. lol yea get a bunch of people drunk and make them go swimming in a creek that sounds like a great idea thats crazy

  3. All this shows me is that if we’re ever at war with some of these countries hand to hand then we will lose.

    And no I’m not crapping on our armed forces and soldiers. These other countries aren’t making soldiers, they’re making killing machines.

  4. whats the point of all this training?
    you are going to get shot from a distance anyway xD

  5. I am Russian/ Served in army. (airborne troops). I have heard a lot of fairy tales? but you, guys, best talers!)) Blood rooms? Mad dogs? shooting? What? Are you serious?

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