Top 10 Most Expensive Medical Treatments

Health comes at a price. For this list, we’re looking at medicine or treatments approved in the United States that cost an arm and a leg. WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Most Expensive Medical Treatments.

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10. Naglazyme
9. Kidney Transplant
8. Elaprase
7. Soliris
6. Liver Transplant
5. Luxturna
4. Bone Marrow Transplant

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  1. the sad thing is if you’re an American needing one of these procedures you’re better off going and having it done in another countrybecause most of the countries of the world charge of about 1/3 less than what the United States does for most procedures

  2. The cure for AIDS as Kanye said it’s only the broke motherfuckers who pass away

  3. My husband and I are lucky to have good health insurance. He recently had hernia surgery and the total out of pocket bill for us, $50. This included initial consultation, medication, surgery and follow up care. I had endometriosis diagnostic surgery 6 years prior. We were doubly insured but both insurances weren’t so great. I still had to pay $800 in out of pocket expenses.

    I know some people are against universal healthcare in the US. However at the very least every child should have health insurance. I have heard all the excuses for adults not deserving hand outs and I get it. But kids don’t get to choose their family so why should a child be denied basic needs due to their parents’ bad decisions, choices, misfortunes etc.

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