Hey Youtube, Jim here! Welcome to the Top 10 Archive! Expensive divorces have been headline news, punchlines, common gossip, and interest pieces for as long as anyone can remember. Back in the 1980s, even Eddie Murphy talked about Johnny Carson’s expensive divorce on his comedy special, “Raw”. He talked about seeing Johnny in a magazine with a face of pain and his ex wive’s face on the next page with glee. Why? By Eddie’s estimates, Johnny’s wife walked away with a sum of at least $150,000,000. What’s even more crazy, is that if that were the case, Johnny Carson does not even scratch the Top 10 Most Expensive Divorces – which is exactly the topic at hand for today.

What do you think Jeff Bezos divorce will end up costing him?

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  2. #Top10Archive If I ever get married I dont believe in divorce so I’ll probably never get married. Lol how are you jim?

  3. Why does it seem that divorces happen after one or both of the spouses become rich and famous, so sad, Thanks for another great vid Jim. Congratulations on your 36 years of marriage, it seems nobody stays together that long anymore. My Parents just celebrated their 66 year anniversary. P.S. love the picture with your beautiful wife ❤️

  4. I love your voice, but most I love the photo of you and your beautiful bride. You both look so happy together… Good for you both????

    • Thanks! 🙂 And haha, that’s just a stock image and photoshopped 😉 The video editors do a great job making it look real..

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