Top 10 Most Disturbing Marvel Moments
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The life of a superhero sure isn’t easy For this list, we’re looking back at some of the darkest days and disturbing moments ever faced by the heroes of the Marvel Comics Universe, and moments where the funnybooks might have gone too far.

Supervillain Origins: Carnage:

List Rank and Entries
10: Carnage Kills his Parents’ Dog
9: Iron Man’s Armor Becomes Obsessed with Him
8: Spider-Man is Abused as a Child
7: Bruce Banner gets Assaulted at the YMCA
6: The Deaths in Ultimatum
5: Kraven’s Last Hunt
4: Gwen Stacy’s Affair with Norman Osborn
3, 2, 1:?

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  1. Regarding #3 – you neglected to mention the fact that when they were younger and would sneak away into a forest to be together and one time Wolverine watched them do it…and in that universe Wolverine is actually their father. ???

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