Top 10 Most Disgraceful Anime
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These are some messed up anime series. Best you don’t watch them at work or school! For this list, we’re looking at despicable anime series that are lewd, gross, and downright disgusting. Expect the likes of Kodomo no Jikan, Yosuga no Sora, School Days, and more to appear along the way. Prepare to get uncomfortable.

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#10. “Super Lovers” (201617)
#9. “HenSemi” (2011)
#8. “I Don’t Like You at All, Big Brother!!” (2011)
#7. “Queen’s Blade” (200916)
#6. “AkiSora” (200910)
#5. “Kiss x Sis” (200815)
#4. “Papa to Kiss in the Dark” (2005)
#3, #2, #1: ???

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  1. you know, the subject of Incest shouldnt make it disgraceful, we thought of Homosexuality as an abomination some time ago, now it is embraced, should we really judge when the relationship between two family members is consented?

    now i’m not saying i agree with the concept, but really it isnt harming anyone when the two ppl in question are consenting, now if it was forced or non-con then bring on the interference.

  2. Why the hell do top comments diss-a-fucking-pear? *What is even the point of commenting when they just get deleted in less than a day?!*

  3. Super Lovers is highly rated on the databases I frequent, which is really confusing to me because…not only is it about a feral child (which doesn’t really make sense) but it’s…incestuous, sort of? It’s weird.

  4. Super lovers is a yaoi so… (Okay i dont know how to defend this but i still love it) but papa to kiss in the dark even i who likes yaoi kinda had to question it

  5. Guess what watchmojo I loved kissxsis and yosuga no sora so you know what it’s incest haters like you who are mean jerks although I don’t approve of parent and child incest but sure you wind up with a deformed baby but there’s no reason why you should be hating incest I mean it’s like homosexual love, what do gay love and incest have in common they’re both hated by many people but it doesn’t mean you should judge them besides incest never killed anyone so what’s the problem

    • Patrick Lira Lmao you are trying way too hard. Incest is disgusting, why would you wanna get freaky with your family, ew!

    • Ok maybe incest is wrong but there’s some people that love those stuffs but that doesn’t mean you can judge them for liking the things you guys hate I mean if you’re so sensitive about the things that you hate and other people likes that you have to attack those people who likes the things you hate well then stick the rostrum of the toe biter down your pee hole and be dickless (and p.s. I’m not saying you should be incestous I’m just saying that you should respect others who likes these kinds of things)

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