Top 10 Most Daring Rescues in History
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Hollywood’s got nothing on real life. From Operation Barras, to Operation Jericho, and Operation Isotope, the bravery of all involved in on full display here. WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Most Daring Rescues in History.

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#10. Operation Barras
#9. Operation Jericho
#8. Operation Isotope
#7. Operation Solomon
#6. Moscow Theater Hostage Crisis
#5. The Great Raid of 1945
#4. Operation Nimrod
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. Operation Solomon also helped create a rcord: the most people carried on a single airplane flight.

    The plane that got the honors? None other than a Boeing 747.

  2. What about the most recent? The Thailand Cave Rescue that involved 3 countries?

  3. You forgot Operation Dynamo, don’t recognize it? It’s also called the Miracle of Dunkirk.

  4. I love the list but seriously, you forget to even mention the rescue from Dunkirk? C’mon guys. You have honourable mentions in most videos!

  5. People give Israel way too much crap. The truth is that you do not mess with a government trying to protect its people. After all, that dragged the US into 2 world wars, and both times it spelled disaster for the assailants.

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