Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! Prisons aren’t meant to house the best of the best, but it can still come as a shock just how dangerous, violent, and deplorable some of its inhabitants can be. No fluff for this Archive, we’re just going to launch right into the top ten most dangerous prison inmates on Earth.

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10. Eric Rudolph
9. Michael Swango
8. Lisa M. Montgomery
7. Charles Manson
6. Rodney Alcala
5. Tyler Bingham
4. Pedro Rodrigues Filho
3. Barry Mills
2. Thomas Silverstein
1. Ramzi Yousef

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  1. Scared little assholes if they were put in a real prison like any South American country. They k is officials can’t touch them and are fed 3 times a day and own cell. Pussies.

  2. I never understood why when it comes to jail or inmate videos they either show “Kano” or some guy with a huge bony face in the thumbnail.

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