Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! Ever wonder which parts of the world you should avoid altogether? Maybe you’re an avid traveler or are looking for a complete change of scenery and don’t want to stumble into the wrong cities. We have you covered with these top ten most dangerous cities in the world.
To compile this list, a ratio of homicides per 100,000 residents was used.

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10. Belem, Brazil
9. Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela
8. Ciudad Victoria, Mexico
7. Fortaleza, Brazil
6. La Paz, Mexico
5. Tijuana, Mexico
4. Natal, Brazil
3. Acapulco, Mexico
2. Caracas, Venezuela
1. Los Cabos, Mexico

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    • Dangerous place id say abandoned kempton park hospital in south africa that’s haunted but also the building was vandalized so there was no tiles and the ceiling was giving way and the stairs reilings was gone, elevators was out of bounds of course and could only go at night time had to bribe the guard to get in. No electricity so you can only use a flash light and there’s tons of floors and the elevators doors was open and some closed but no shaft, but yeah it was a great experience I’d love to do it again I did that with a group of people when I was 17/18, most dangerous cities in south africa would be cape town and Johannesburg though

    • When and where. Miami in the mid-eighties, you couldn’t swing a dead cat without hitting a coke dealer. NYC Time Square/Port Authority, earlier mid eighties. Couldn’t walk down the street without some drug dealing pimp screaming and coming after you and your friend’s young teenage selves.

  1. Well, congrats for proving why the wall on the Southern Border is needed ASAP. Every city on the top 10 is either in Brazil, Mexico, or Venezuela, and all three countries are known for their corrupt govts. And the United States has rocky relationships with two of the three.

  2. Filha da puta,mentiroso, só tem México e Brazil na sua lista.fala do oriente médio, porto rico .

  3. You could have just named the title worst Mexican and Brazilian cities. Out of the ENTIRE world, these cant be the worst.

  4. What’s with the thumbnail.. it’s a white kid with a fake gun.. that’s as far off from dangerous as you could get

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