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Top 10 Most Coveted Sports Trophies
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Eyes on the prize! From the Heisman Trophy, to the Ashes, to the Vince Lombardi Trophy, these awards are second to none. WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Most Coveted Sports Trophies.

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#10. Heisman Trophy
#9. The Ashes
#8. Vince Lombardi Trophy
#7. Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy
#6. Commissioner’s Trophy
#5. The Green Jacket
#4. Wimbledon Trophies
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. Why include World Titles if this is basically just “Americans Most Sought after Trophies” you forgot Champions League. I’ll even put the Copa Oro over the Olympics

  2. this list is a joke. putting the top prize in the second most popular sport ( ashes ) in the world at 9 then filling this list out with american sports trophies that nobody outside north america gives a shit about and then putting the world cup at 2 ? gtfo.

  3. The World Cup means more then a Olympic gold medal. You guys just offended the most watched and played sport in the WHOLE WORLD ……..

  4. When you pick the NBA and Hockey over the NFL, america’s greatest sport, you know you are pretty stupid.

  5. As much as I like both the Olympics and The World Cup, then they should’ve been switched on the list.

  6. No champions league cup? Really? You have to at least win a cup or be at a champion level to be in that league.

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