Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10 Archive! Emergency services like 911 in the United States, or 112 if you live in the EU, are there to help us when we’re in danger, and have saved countless lives across the world. Sometimes, though, dispatchers are forced to listen in as people confess heinous crimes or even while said crimes are taking place.

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  1. Hey Jim and Top 10 Archive! Thank you so much for featuring my call. For those of you who are interested in seeing more about my limb loss accident, the full call can be heard here: and the aftermath photos from the accident scene and the pathology department can be seen here: . Love to all- Johnny

    • Man I don’t know how you remained so calm. I freak out if I so much as give myself a paper cut. lolI’m glad you’re alive to tell your story, this is why workplace safety is SO important.

    • Thank you so much for letting us use your story in this video – you are such an inspiration to many who have lost limbs! Really glad you decided to start a YouTube channel to share your story so that others can learn to cope with losing a limb!

  2. I’ve had to call 911 several times. The worst was when my husband fainted, and wasn’t breathing. I gave him one breath and he snapped awake. Then I called emergency, and that’s when I started to cry with panic. He’s way, way better now. It turns out it was a vagus nerve problem that improved with a healthier diet. Take care of yourselves, folks. <3

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  4. I’m from el Salvador and events like that like in story #2 happen everyday that state everybody has the devil in there heart except for the innocent

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