Top 10 Most Awkward Things Said by Celebs on Live TV
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For those seeking words of wisdom, you have come to the wrong place. For this list, we’re looking at celebrities who dropped a doozy in front of the entire world. We’ve included embarrassing quotes from Pete Davidson, Tom Hiddleston, Paris Hilton and Michelle Rodriguez for our list of the Top 10 Most Awkward Things Said by Celebs on Live TV.

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10. “Stop Stealing All the White People’s Superheroes”
9. ToneDeaf Golden Globes Speech
8. “If You’re Going to Write an Article About Being Unstable, Leave It to the Big Boys, Alright?”
7. “I’m Not About to Hire You If Your Name Is Watermelondrea”
6. “…But You’re Still, Like, in Love!”
5. “…How Does a Whale and a Shark …?”
4. “Everything Bad That Can Happen to a Person Has Happened to Me”
3, 2 & 1???

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  1. Im Asian and I do agree with Michelle Rodriguez identity politics is ruining every thing also the blatant hypocrisy there angry if a non white character is played by another but deam it brave and progressive if traditional white character were played by others.
    I even considered that a character should be played by the by people from a certain demographic that is stupid it should be talented capable people regardless because in the end performance matters
    I can’t think of any other person who could have played Sheldon Couper then Jim Parson he was perfect should he have not got the part because Sheldon is a straight guy.
    And how about this a character is a child rapping murderer. Should they get an actual child rapping murderer to play the part.
    It is only a very very small amount of trolls who make the loud noise and yet companies bow down to them so they be seen as progressive as a result and this is so true they loose money turns out you alienate your fans/costumers you loose.

  2. Everyone can hate me,but I agree with Michelle Rodriguez. There are diverse superhero characters: Black Panther,Miles Morales as Spider-Man,and so many others. If the character is originally white,keep ‘em white,black,Asian etc.

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