Top 10 Marvel Characters That Should be in DC
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Was there a mix up at the hospital? Because it feels like the doctors sent these characters home with the wrong publisher! For this list, we’ll be looking at various Marvel characters, who, for various reasons, feel like they would be more at home amongst DC heroes and villains than their Marvel peers.

Top 10 Characters Marvel Stole from DC:

Top 10 Characters DC Stole from Marvel:

List Rank and Entries
10: Morbius the Living Vampire
9: Prowler
8: Silver Sable
7: Black Knight
6: Ghost Rider
5: Blade
4: Sentry
3, 2, 1: ?

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  1. I personally think mature characters like these guys just dont work in a garbage immature comic like marvel
    Since people like daredevil have a pretty realistic story that simply makes him a contender for DC

  2. I KNEW IT….I KNEW MOON KNIGHT WOULD BE #1….him, silver sable, and ghost rider are my ultimate choices for marvel characters to be in dc

  3. Imaginative. What if one day DC and Marvel issue a joint press release saying they were going to start drafting characters to each other’s brands. How do you guys think that would go over?

  4. Why. Just because some characters are dark doesn’t mean they belong in dc. Plus there are some dark comics in Marvel. It’s just they can’t be brought to the big screen because it might be too dark

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