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Top 10 Long-Running Superhero Portrayals
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Superheroes never retire! From Adam West to Lou Ferrigno to Hugh Jackman, these actors have played heroes for so long, it’s impossible to separate them from their iconic roles. WatchMojo counts down the top long-running superhero portrayals.

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#10. Halle Berry as Storm (2000-14)
#9. Lou Ferrigno as The Incredible Hulk (1977-)
#8. Adam West as Batman (1966-2017)
#7. Shintaro Katsu as Zatoichi (1962-89)
#6. Tom Welling as Clark Kent (2001-11)
#5. Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man (2008-)
#4. Patrick Stewart as Professor X (2000-17)
#3, #2, #1???

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    • its also weird and in some way a little cheating that a cartoon is #1, dont you think? Kevin is great, but when I imagine what a superhero “Portrayal” is.. I didn’t think it would be a cartoon..

    • Hugh Jackman should have been #1, you guys even said it how his life portraying Wolverine is just as impressive as Wolverine’s life. Hugh Jackman remained buff for the role. Its easy to just state that but when you follow him for as long as I have you realize how much dedication he had for the role, for 17 years. Everyone else on the list didn’t dedicate the amount of time he did for role (to stay fit and everything else). No one asked him to stop playing wolverine, and it was at his requests (and the director) to do Logan the way they wanted because he was so passionate about the character. Hugh Jackman didn’t just play Wolverine, he was and forever will be Wolverine.

    • do a top 10 Long-Running Villain Portrayals next please we know who number 1 will be Mark Hamill for the Joker but still do it

    • Here are the goats who had the longest superhero role Tom Welling Smallville 10 Years Hugh Jackman Wolverine/Logan 17 Years Christopher Reeves Superman 70 years Robert Downey Jr Iron Man 10 Years still continuing Adam West Batman 79 Years Chris Evens Captain America 10 Years still continuing X-Men Actors 17 Years

  1. Being a kid when the Christopher Reeve movie came out, in my mind he is still the ultimate Superman!

  2. I was surprised by number 1 but then again Kevin Conroy deserves it and I do like a lot of the other entries here RIP Wolverine

  3. How can you not have Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker on your list! You can’t get more iconic than that. He has been playing the role since 1977! Sure you can not include him as the Joker but really?

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