It’s time to make your life a little easier. For this list, we’re taking a look at military hacks that will help make everyday tasks easier. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Life Changing Military Hacks.

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10. How to Beat Jet Lag
9. Use Duct Tape to Prevent Blisters
8. Take a Navy Shower to Save Energy & Money
7. Use the Phonetic Alphabet & Military Time
6. Learn to Spot a Tail
5. Use Socks to Keep Water Cold
4. Use Powdered Sugar to Treat Wounds

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  1. To caveat off of number 9, try turning your socks inside out or use ASU socks. Duct tape will just shred the hair off your feet, especially to all you with hobbit feet

  2. As a veteran,
    10- wrong the best way is to just stay up the whole time and the whole day when you get there, when you go to sleep it automatically resets your internal clock
    8 -actually called the combat shower
    7- I still use military time, but not when talking to people, just on all my devices
    6- not a military hack… just being aware
    5- never heard of it, but makes sense
    4. Just don’t… buy proper medical supplies. They won’t hold a fraction of the blood that a real wound wrap will.
    3. Doesn’t work. Use shirt stays, the things that attach to the shirt and the sock or have stirups at the bottom.
    2. Never seen it. Rip its. If they disappeared the military would be dead in the water. That and I always had a bottle of caffeine pills and instant coffee packets, dump the packet in your mouth and swig some water. Or pack it in your lip like a dip.
    1. Yea, it actually works if you roll it all up tightly. Another tip is use gallon bags, put a shirt, socks, and underwear in it and then smash it as flat as you can. Then you just have to reach in and pull out what you need for the day. No rummaging around looking for a pair of socks and screwing up all the organizing you did.

  3. It’s not called military time. It’s called the 24-hour clock. It is not just used by the military but also pilots, computer programmers, and most of the rest of the world.

  4. Navy shower??? No like come on that’s not…..I mean it’s not a military thing. Who doesn’t shower like that to save some $$$$

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