Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10 Archive! The internet is full of feel-good videos that restore your faith in humanity, but is there anything more heartwarming than watching children find out that they finally have forever homes after living lives of uncertainty? I think not. Here’s my list of the top ten heartbreaking kids reactions to being adopted. Be warned, some of these clips are bound to bring a tear to your eye. Be sure to have some tissues nearby!



  1. We hope you enjoyed the video! Because of copyright restrictions, we were unable to show full clips of certain reactions. We highly encourage you to watch the full clips by following the links in the description section – you won’t be disappointed!

    • Jim, I am glad your adopted parents raised you well. I am sure this video was very personal to you to do… 🙂

  2. Awww this was such a beautiful and heart warming video. So welcome. Thank you 😀 and yes, I am crying too 😭

  3. While no one in my immediate family was adopted my father had to live for quite a few years in foster care after his house burnt down and his single mother had nowhere she could take him or his brothers. At this time his father had walked out on the family and wanted nothing to do with them. My Grandmother eventually got all but one of her children back but had to fight for them and work out how to support them. They one that she didn’t get back was older and choose to stay with his foster family and ended up marrying his foster sister a few years later.

  4. I’m a 25 year old man and I have been thinking about adopting kids in the future. I hope that i can be a father in the future as well

  5. I wish I could like this 1 million times! People who foster and adopt children into their homes are just a special breed apart, and I admire them greatly.

    I had seen the video of Ivey’s reaction several times, but it never ceases to bring a tear to my eyes, seeing her joy and the joy of her, at the time, new parents. All of these videos brought a tear to my eyes. Tears of joy are wonderful things. 😭😀😀❤️

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