These ridiculous school punishments had us shaking our head at the rulebooks. For this list, we’re looking at some of the most insane reasons for which students were reportedly disciplined, with their penalties ranging from demerits to full-on expulsions, from recording bullying, to sharing jolly ranchers, and asking for tylenol! WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Stupid Things Students Were Punished For.

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10. Sharing a Jolly Rancher
9. Having AtRisk Genes
8. Asking for Tylenol
7. Recording Bullying
6. A Mother’s Facebook Ran
5. Carrying a Leaf
4. Hugging a Friend

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  1. Wanna heard a funny story?.

    Back when i was at High School me and my friends were banned for 7 days of school because we were laughing and commenting(ON OUR FREE TIME AWAY FROM SCHOOL) on a post about a cute pig rolling in the dirt and one of my friend said “Hey guys!. Look at his nose. Is just like Lisa” one classmate. She saw the post. She laugh so hard about it with us. Out of nowhere the next day we were call in to the principal to get banned for laughing AT THE POST. We were banned for commented on FACEBOOK

    I know,i know its ridiculous , but this is a real story. Im telling the whole true. To make the story even more funny a couple months later in the basketball practice after school. One guy got into a problem with one of my friends. This guy when out of the arena and came back. I saw this asshole bringing and hiding a KNIFE to stab my friend. Of course i took the knife and tell the story to the teacher. He took the knife and talk with the kid. HE DIDNT EVEN GOT SUSPENDED!. He went to school the next day like nothing happens.

  2. My school:
    Grabbing a pencil is now sexual harassment.
    Hugging the suicidal girl is inappropriate.
    Typing is an “outburst”
    Sharpening a pencil is considered disrespectful.
    Teacher says it’s the schools rules, immediately says follow her rules.
    Someone with a broken heart is sent to the nurse.
    A teacher shouting that someone failing a test is apparently valid.
    Tripping is bullying.
    Laughing in lunch is disrespectful.

    Me to the school: Arrivederci

  3. All of this, honorable mentions included, put one thought in my head.


  4. Do this to me, and you will become the next “Lindow man” (your body won’t be discovered for a few thousand years)

  5. At the risk of sounding like a punishment-happy teacher, isn’t expulsion from school technically a Catch-22? Because the expelled student in question is, although missing crucial work, they’re also meters away from a school, which they probably didn’t like in the first place.

    Seems like a better punishment would be to saddle the student with extra homework instead of expulsion… Just sayin’

  6. My wife was actually expelled from a Christian school because they found out she had watched

    Dirty Dancing (the movie)
    She was told on by a classmate admitted it and was immediately expelled

  7. Good grief this schools have way to power punishing kids at schools today give kids a break this things are 100% dumb🤦‍♀️

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