Danger is in their job descriptions. For this list, we’re looking at journalists who risked their careers, liberty, and/or their lives to get the story. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today Rebecca counts down our picks for 10 Journalists Who Risked Everything.

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  1. Julian Assange should have been mentioned. He didn’t go to a war zone but he got arrested for doing journalism.

  2. 2:54
    she just enter a country with illegal way , defend the takferies members
    And she was killed in some battle between the syrian army and kataip AL- Farruk

    So why all the fuss about her
    Jamal defend ISIS on twitter and once he said that ISIS butchering the Syrian army dead bodies is a great military tactic
    So he totally deserve what MBS do to him
    Because they all a monsters.

  3. Martin Adler shot in the back while reporting. Ok, biased as his grave is 10 meters from my grandmothers

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