Top 10 iPhone XS Leaks & Rumors
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Well guess what we are just moments away from a new iPhone craze that is going to be carried out for the holidays. With the highest prices apple has every released with there iPhones to a new potential L-Shaped battery that will give us more battery life this is the top 10 iPhone XS Leaks & Rumors and some of these leaks were from apple themselves. Silly Apple. The big announcement for the new iPhone will be on September 12 at the Steve Jobs theater so watch out for that.

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  1. With the new iPhone coming out, we thought it would be important to remind you of some things not to say to Siri ->

  2. Addendum to my other comment – when I traded up from my galaxy s6 edge, I gave it to my daughter. She was 9. She’s not almost 11 and that phone has been bitten (as in her two canines broke through the screen), left out in the rain when it fell from her pocket as she ran to the bus and was left out in said rain all day in the middle of a road where it got repeatedly run over for 8 hours until I went back and found it with no case on it, she’s also thrown it spilled coffee on it and the broken screen, and even gotten homemade slime stuck all over it. And it’s STILL going strong. Let’s see the new iPhone do THAT. 😂😂😂

  3. Sooo… Beveled screen, advanced wireless fast charging, better charging port and longer battery life and at least ip68 waterproof rating? How original and innovative…. Oh wait no, it’s not. Samsungs had that for years. Makes sense that apple is coming out with it now, a couple years behind, considering they use a slew of Samsung and other Android parts now. And considering the new proposed price tag, Samsung now not only does it first and better, but they also do it cheaper 😂. I now remember why I quit iPhone three years ago.

    However I might get my elderly mom an iPhone. She has difficulties with technology and her Note is a bit advanced for her. It’s good for people who aren’t well versed in computers and tech. More simple 😊🤣❤️

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